Plastic Formwork Types

There are Different Plastic Formwork types employ in the concrete construction of different structures.

Plastic formworks for concrete construction is to hold freshly place concrete in position to attains enough strength. With the help of formworks, concrete is easily manipulating and various shapes and forms are constructs.
There is different material uses to manufacture formworks like timber, steel, and aluminum. Plastic offers a number of advantage compares to other materials like durability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility.

Plastic Formwork Types

There are Different Plastic Formwork types.

Siscon Plastic Formwork System

It is a type of plastic forms uses to construct various structural elements like walls, columns, and slabs. It provides substantial precision.

Plastic Formworks for Walls

Plastic Formwork

It is for the construction of boundary walls, retaining walls, shear walls, rainwater drains, flood or storm drain walls, irrigation canals, and in concrete banking.

Corner wall plastic formwork

In the construction of plastic formworks, corner formworks are easily mak with simple joints and fewer supports.

Junction wall Plastic formwork

It is easy to handle at constructing junction wall formworks.

Intersection wall plastic formwork

Easy to fix and remove at concreting of intersecting walls.

Plastic Formworks for Column

It manufactures from specific grade plastic. Other materials do not adhere to it. And no chemical reactions occur between pour material and the plastic form. And there is no patch on the surface of the reinforced concrete element.

Nova Plastic Formwork System

It produces from the composite plastic material. It employe in salt and fresh water without damage.

Moladi Plastic Formwork System

It is exceptional, lightweight, and reusable plastic formwork which develope to tackle bad qualities and problems related to traditional formworks.

Objectives of Plastic Formworks in Concrete Construction

It requires careful attention to avoid damages for permanent construction. The formwork design and construction are controls by three principles:


It depends on the formwork strength substantially. Life of labors and public might be in danger if the formwork does not possess adequate strength.


Concrete shape accuracy and the quality of a final finished surface of the concrete element.


It is highly economical considering other types of formworks.

Advantages of Plastic Formworks in Concrete Construction

  • Water resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Cost-effective
  • Labor-friendly
  • Eco friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatile