Steel Design Fifth Edition by William T. Segui

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Steel Design Fifth Edition by William T. Segui

Steel Design Fifth Edition by William T. Segui is available for free download in PDF format

STEEL DESIGN covers the fundamentals of structural steel design with an emphasis on the design of members and their connections, rather than the integrated design of buildings. The book is designed so that instructors can easily teach LRFD, ASD, or both, time-permitting. The application of fundamental principles is encouraged for design procedures as well as for practical design, but a theoretical approach is also provided to enhance student development. While the book is intended for junior and senior-level engineering students, some of the later chapters can be used in graduate courses and practicing engineers will find this text to be an essential reference tool for reviewing current practices.Kindle textbooks are functionally equivalent to the print textbook. In some cases, individual items such as ancillary images or multimedia have been removed for digital delivery due to rights restrictions.

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