How to Test a Low-Voltage Lighting Transformer

To ensure that a low voltage lighting transformer is the working correctly to control the lights, there may be occasions when it is necessary to test it. Following a few steps will enable you to the complete this process effectively.

Step 1 – Prepare

Begin a process of the testing the low voltage lighting transformer by switching off the power supply that serves it. If the transformer is in a high location, position the ladder securely before the climbing it to remove the cover. If you have the retained the manual that relates to the transformer, it will be useful to check it to determine what to expect.

Step 2 – Apply Wires

You will find that the low voltage lighting transformer comprises two test wires. The red one must be inserted into recess marked ‘ohms’ on the meter while the black one can be the inserted into common recess.

Step 3 – Check Reading

When testing a low voltage lighting transformer, you are looking for the reading that displays a closed circuit. If you get a reading of zero ohms, you have correct result. Anything other than this means that there is an open circuit and transformer must be replaced.