Installing Deck Footings

For our cabin, we decided to build a fairly large deck so that the we’d have plenty of room to enjoy the view of the lake.  In total, we had about 1000 square feet of deck to construct.  The front deck was built 12 feet wide and the covered side deck was 10 feet wide.   We decided to go with the Trex for the durability and long-term maintenance.  The first step, however, was installing the deck footings.

Deck Footing Holes

We hired a backhoe to come to dig our deck footings.  Top of footings needed to be 24″ below the final grade for frost protection.  Make sure you are careful around those utility lines..especially the electrical conduit because it’s not very deep.  You’ll notice we had already constructed floor of the deck and temporarily supported it with 2x4s.  The neighbors were worried this was permanent and quickly came over to the see if we were really going to support our deck like that.  The floor of the deck was framed with hangers and 2x8s.  We used some Glu-Lams for the front part of deck where we had to span further across the garage areas.

Deck footings 1

Whoops….forgot about that damn foundation drain pipe!

Deck footing forms

The next step to installing the deck footings is the concrete forms. We formed the footings out of 2x8s and the sonotubes.  Rebar was installed in the base of footing and a couple lengths were inserted in the cylindrical portion when we poured the concrete in.

Deck footing forms

Footings for the side deck.

Concrete Deck footing

We poured all the sonotubes full and had some extra concrete to the dump in base of a few of them.

Smoothing Deck footing

Once the concrete started to setup, we smoothed the footings off and inserted a bolt that would hold future posts on the footing. The link below takes you to the installation of our Trex deck.  That concludes the installation of our deck footings.