Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering Excerpts By Mihir M. Patel

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Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering Excerpts By Mihir M. Patel

Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering Excerpts By Mihir M. Patel is available for free download in PDF format


This book will aid the chemical engineer to carry out chemical process engineering in a very practical way. The process engineer can use the excel-based calculation templates effectively to do correct and proper process design. Chemical engineering is a very vast and complex field. This book aims to simplify the process of engineering design.

Design of a chemical plant involves one being adept in technical aspects of process engineering. The book aims at making the chemical engineer proficient in the art of process design.

Included are chemical engineering basics on simulation, stoichiometry, fluid property calculation, dimensionless numbers, thermodynamics and on chemical engineering equipment like the pump, compressor, steam turbine, gas turbine, flare, motor, fired heater, incinerator, heat exchanger, distillation column, fractionation column, absorber, stripper, packed column, solar evaporation pond, separator. Utility design of nitrogen, compressed air, water, effluent treatment, steam, condensate, desalination, fuel selection is covered.

Many chemical engineering calculations have been included. Special process items like flame arrestor, demister, feed device, pressure reducing and desuperheating station (PRDS), vortex breaker, electric heater, manual valve have been covered.

Process engineering design criteria, process control, the material of construction, specialized process studies, safety studies, precommisioning and commissioning have been covered.

The project engineer will also benefit from the information provided on types of project (EPC, EPCM, Cost + Fee, etc) as well as interdisciplinary interaction between various engineering disciplines i.e. process, piping, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical, civil and THSE.

Process engineering documentation like process design basis, process philosophies, process flow diagram (PFD), piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), block flow diagram (BFD), DP-DT diagram, material selection diagram (MSD), line list, summaries like utility summary, effluent and emission summary, tie in the summary and flare relief load summary have been covered with blank templates. Excerpts from a few chapters have been provided.

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