Secrets of 5 Axis Machining By by Karlo Apro

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Secrets of 5 Axis Machining By by Karlo Apro

Secrets of 5 Axis Machining By by Karlo Apro is available for free download in PDF format


Up to now, the best way to get information on 5-axis machining has been by talking to experienced peers in the industry, in hopes that they will share what they learned. Visiting industrial tradeshows and talking to the machine tool and CAD/CAM vendors is another option, only these people will all give you their point of view and will undoubtedly promote their machine or solution.

This unbiased, no-nonsense, to-the-point overview of the 5-axis manufacturing industry presents information that was gathered during 30 years of hands-on experience in the manufacturing industry, bridging countries and continents, multiple languages both human and G-Code. As the only book of its kind, Secrets of 5-Axis Machining will demystify the subject and bring it within the reach of anyone who is interested in using this technology to its full potential and is not specific to one particular CAD/CAM system. It is sure to empower readers to confidently enter this field, and by doing so, become better equipped to compete in the global market.

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