Telecommunication System Engineering Fourth Edition by Roger L. Freeman

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Telecommunication System Engineering Fourth Edition by Roger L. Freeman

Telecommunication System Engineering Fourth Edition by Roger L. Freeman is available for free download in PDF format

“A ‘must’ for anyone involved in the practical aspects of the telecommunications industry.”

—Choice, on the Third Edition


Through its three previous editions, Roger Freeman’s Telecommunication System Engineering has become a must-have reference on telecommunication networks. Since the third edition appeared in 1996, telecommunications has evolved exponentially, growing more multifaceted in its forms and applications, and more pervasive in everyday life.

This new edition of Telecommunication System Engineering answers the challenges of today’s telecommunication industry by presenting a technical overview of telecommunication networks from a system viewpoint, demonstrating how disciplines can interact to achieve desired goals. As in previous editions, Freeman covers all the concepts necessary for a complete understanding of the design of practical telecommunication networks, whether they carry voice, data, facsimile, telemetry, video, or any combination of these.

Approaching the information in a systematic and interactive way, the book:

  • Uniquely covers both North American and ITU-T practice
  • Discusses the dramatic changes that have taken place in the industry since the last edition
  • Includes new chapters on important hot topics such as asynchronous transfer mode, broadband technologies, network management, voice over IP, and connectivities of PCs via servers and networks
  • Describes the evolution of cellular radio from mobile telephone service to mobile multimedia digital multi-access capability

Thoroughly up-to-date and comprehensive, Telecommunication System Engineering, Fourth Edition is an ideal reference or self-study source for telecommunications managers, technicians, engineers, and other practising professionals as well as for advanced students in telecommunications.

About the Author

ROGER L. FREEMAN is founder and Principal of Roger Freeman Associates, independent consultants in telecommunications, specializing in system engineering in the United States, Canada, and Hispanic America. In the course of over forty-five years’ experience in telecommunications operations, maintenance, and engineering, he has served as principal engineer for advanced system planning at the Raytheon Company, technical manager for ITT Marine Europe, and regional planning expert for the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), among other positions. In addition to the three previous editions of Telecommunication System Engineering, Mr. Freeman has written six other books on the subject of telecommunications engineering: Reference Manual for Telecommunications Engineering, Third Edition; Fiber-Optic Systems for Telecommunications; Fundamentals of Telecommunications; Radio System Design for Telecommunications, Second Edition; Practical Data Communications, Second Edition; and Telecommunications Transmission Handbook, Fourth Edition, all published by Wiley. A senior life member of the IEEE, Roger Freeman has lectured at numerous professional conferences and published widely in international telecommunications journals.

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