Theory and Practice of Pile Foundations

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Theory and Practice of Pile Foundations

Theory and Practice of Pile Foundations is available for free download in PDF format


  • Includes innovative and easy to apply solutions for real pile problems
  • Contains world cases to demonstrate economy and efficiency of the design methods
  • Provides solutions in Excel and MathCad form online


Pile Foundations are an essential basis for many structures. It is vital that they are designed with the utmost reliability because the cost of failure is potentially huge. Covering a whole range of design issues relating to pile design, this book presents economical and efficient design solutions and demonstrates them using real world examples. Coverage includes nonlinear response of single piles to vertical or torsional loading and to cyclic lateral loading, as well as prediction of nonlinear response of lateral pile groups, vertically loaded pile groups and the design of slope stabilizing piles. Most solutions are provided as closed-form expressions.

Theory and Practice of Pile Foundations is:

  • illustrated with case studies
  • accompanied by practical applications in Excel and MathCad
  • the first book to incorporate nonlinear interaction into pile design.

A valuable resource for students of geotechnical engineering taking courses in foundations and a vital tool for engineers designing pile foundations.

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